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Homeschooling Demystified

Homeschooling Demystified

  • 28 Jul 2021

Homeschooling is a deeply personal decision and many families choose it because it allows for all kids to learn in an environment conducive to their needs. One can choose from varying methodologies, to name a few,  called unschooling, eclectic and set curriculums.

Curriculums can include CAP/IEBS, Cambridge, GED.  Homeschooling allows for families to focus on content that is suitable to them and can choose to even mix some curricula as it becomes suitable for them

The Homeschooling environment expands or retracts as required by the individual families

Support groups are pertinent to a family starting with their homeschooling journey.  In our first year, our family was able to instil these lessons in our kids and because they are life-long lessons, they continue to apply the lessons.


v Time and project management

v Gardening - from seed to table

v Chicken and fish rearing

v Food usage, waste and preservation

v Reusable energy: Biodigestor and solar energy system

v Sewing

v Cooking and baking

v Creative writing

v Slime making

v Hygiene

v The body talks

v Planet safety and preservations

v Recycling, reusing of items in our lives.  Starting from the kitchen and everywhere else

v Quiet time

v Karate training

v Music: Guitar and Piano

v Plants/herbs as medicine

v Communication and social skills

v Internet safety, especially social media safety

v Financial literacy and money management

v Shopping and budgeting

v Buying skills

v Typing skills

v legacy work - helping out at the shops during peak period


When families decide to homeschool, they need to work with the end goal in mind.  What is their ultimate goal for each child?  Then work backwards to support the vision.  Remember to remain flexible because minds change and as young people have their world more and more open to other opportunities, what they thought they wanted to achieve may change along the way.  Allowing children to also choose certain subjects or content to learn from allows for greater understanding and self-mastery.

Homeschooling can be very scary for most people who want to start, and this is because it is usually directly compared to mainstream schooling.  Many a parent will ask, “So I have to teach for 6 hours?”  “But my maths and science sucks, how can I even teach this?”



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