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Selling Vegetables With Ooka

Selling Vegetables With Ooka

  • 03 Aug 2018

Getting the fresh vegetables you have grown to the customer when they are at the peak of their quality is important. Consumers want the best, the freshest, and the most flavorful vegetables. It is devastating to spend so much time growing and nurturing a vegetable crop only to have it wilt or go to waste because there is no one ready to buy it. Ooka takes all that stress and worries away. Ooka connects the farmer with the customer in a timely, efficient, manner that is beneficial to all involved. 

If you are already a vegetable farmer, you know the struggles. Going to a market to sell the produce or setting-up a farm stand on your property is time-consuming. Selling to supermarkets or stores requires that you have a large amount available to sell. What do you do if you don't have a large operation? What do you do if you don't have the time or resources to transport your crops to market? Growing vegetables takes time and commitment. Selling vegetables requires a whole different skill set and another, larger, commitment.  

Ooka removes this stress by facilitating a space where gardeners can reach the desired clientele easily. When your tomatoes are ready, you can post on Ooka and connect directly with consumers wanting tomatoes at just that moment. One of the best advantages of this platform is that consumers will receive your produce at the peak of its maturity. This will make the consumer very happy. Additionally, you can sell in small or large amounts. If you only have a few heads of lettuce ready to harvest each week, this will work fine on Ookas site. Or, if you have 100 heads ready at once, this works too.

With Ooka, consumers can choose who to buy from based on location. This is an amazing way to keep things local. Transportation costs will be reduced, as well as the negative environmental effects that come with it. Local vegetables are the best vegetables. The longer a tomato has to travel, the lower its quality. Customers like connecting with their local growers and knowing that their food is grown nearby. This system ensures that this is the case, to the benefit of the consumer and grower.  

This platform doesn't just offer an easy, convenient, place for gardeners and consumers to connect. It also provides tools to help a grower expand his or her operation. New crops, bigger gardens, a larger operation, these are all possible via Ooka. Growers can set goals for improving and expanding their operation and consumers can invest in the projects they like and get rewards for their contributions. Crowdfunding connects the grower and consumer in deeper ways than merely a monetary transaction. The consumer becomes invested in the success of the grower. 

An additional benefit of selling crops on Ooka is that it creates opportunities for other to make extra money as well. Cab drivers and car owners can earn money on the side through the delivery of items.  

Using Ooka is a win-win for all involved. The grower is able to make the money they deserve without having to expend extra time setting up a stall or worrying about whether they have enough to supply to a large customer. The buyer gets freshly grown, flavorful vegetables and contributes directly to the local economy.



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