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Empowering the Rural Community to Garden

Empowering the Rural Community to Garden

  • 03 Aug 2018

Growing your own food and using easy composting and recycling systems can benefit a home and community in many ways. The self-reliance that comes from being able to feed oneself is priceless. It is a substantial skill to have. The economy changes all the time, resources change all the time, income sources can change in a heartbeat, but you don't need to be at the whim of these changes when you can feed yourself. If there is a garden growing vegetables, there will always be food on the table. 

Planting and growing vegetables are just the beginning of how gardening can benefit a family. Most garden rubbish and kitchen garbage can be eliminated with the use of a compost. Scraps from the dinner table and green waste from the garden get put into the compost bin.  Once the compost reaches maturity, it can be spread in the garden as a nutrient-rich fertilizer. It is a low-effort system to set up too. Building or purchasing the compost bin is the hardest part. Then, a few times a month, the waste gets stirred and mixed up. This recycling can enhance your garden crops and improve them exponentially. It will also save you money on garden fertilizer since you are creating your own.  

Recycling grey water is another simple, low-energy, way to save money. Water used for cooking, bathing (as long as no toxic soaps, cleaners, or detergents are used), and washing should not be thrown away. This water can be used in your garden. It doesn't need to be treated or cleaned beforehand, either. A pipe can be installed that directs all the greywater from your house into the garden. Alternately, you can move the water yourself. Keep a bucket around to put old cooking water in or take the water out to the garden right in the cooking pot. 

A biodigester is an economical way to use organic waste as a means to produce fuel for cooking. A bio-digester is an investment as they are not inexpensive. The money that will be saved on fuel, however, is incredible. On average, a bio-digester made for a single home can produce 1-2 hours of cooking gas. No longer does a household need to rely on outside sources or pay for cooking fuel. The bio-digester is powered with leftover food scraps and organic material, stuff that would normally be thrown in the garbage. 

Self-sufficiency is empowering. If you are growing your own food, composting your waste, and creating your own cooking fuel, the unpredictable nature of the world becomes less of a problem. There is less need to rely on others for your family's well-being. 

Ooka is the next step in equipping you with the tools you need to succeed on your own. Ooka provides a place for you to sell the crops you grow on a small or large scale. Customers can find and connect with you easily without either of you leaving your home. They receive the fresh, local, vegetables they desire and you receive an income to help you achieve your dreams.



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