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Our Urban farming & abundance experience

Our Urban farming & abundance experience

  • 27 Jun 2019

The World as we know it is struggling, every day we hear of service delivery protest, high crime rates, shortage of food and water, load shedding, xenophobic attacks, retrenchments, lack of jobs, lack of proper healthcare and for those who can afford health care, they are pretty expensive. With the current trajectory, the future looks bleak, does the future really look bleak?

We have been urban farming for over 7 years and we are enjoying every bit of it, we have food in abundance, we have water in abundance, we have herbal medicine in abundance, we have energy from the Sun in abundance, we have natural cooking gas in abundance courtesy of our bio-digester. Every day we seem to learn something new and we have created a business out of our new lifestyle which now provides us with additional income and has helped eliminate expenses from the municipality, expenses such as electricity bill, water, and waste. We have reduced our groceries bill significantly, we stopped using a medical aid 4 years ago and we haven't had any medical issues besides the usual headaches which we use herbal plant such as Wormwood amongst other herbs to address. 

What is Urban Farming & abundance? In our own definition, Urban Farming & abundance simply means taking your personal space or in other words your house in an Urban area and growing food. From our experience, this concept ushers in abundance. Abundance in food, energy, natural gas, water, medicine, and knowledge. Urban farming & abundance can also help you generate a sustainable income for you and your family without compromising the quality of your home, the environment, and health. From our experience, the knowledge derived from Urban farming can be a catalyst in setting up your own small or commercial farm. 



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