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  • Swiss Chard - Fordhook Giant

Swiss Chard - Fordhook Giant

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15 leaf bundles 800g

Your taste buds will be tickled with an intriguing flavor that's a lot like spinach, with a hint of beet. Due to its spinach-like flavor and texture, Swiss chard is often used as a substitute for spinach in recipes, but there are also a whole host of chard recipes out there, covering everything from smoothies and cold soups to stir-fries and salads.

The gorgeous green leaves and the juicy stems of the Swiss chard are packed full of vitamin K. In fact, eating a handful of fresh Swiss chard provides your body with almost as much vitamin K as eating a handful of collard greens. As you may already know, collard greens are considered a superfood par excellence, and they are particularly famous for their extremely high vitamin K content.

Tip: Eating more vitamin K containing green leafy vegetables, such as Swiss chard, is just one way to give your cardiovascular system a health kick.

Eating Swiss chard may also help you lose excess body fat, when consumed as part of a balanced diet. Swiss chard contains practically no fat, and it is very low in calories: one ounce of cooked and drained Swiss chard providing only 6 calories! In addition, Swiss chard contains a good amount of vitamin C which may indirectly promote weight loss through its ability to stimulate the synthesis of carnitine, a compound that has been linked to improved fat burning.

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